Videoder 9.0.0

YouTube Video / Music Downloader for Android

Videoder is an amazing YouTube Video/Music download utility for your Android Smart-Phone. It has been loved and appreciated by over 20 million users around the world. Download the latest apk of videoder for free from one of the verified stores listed below.

Download in Multiple Resolutions

Download any YouTube Video in various resolutions and formats including 1080(Full HD) , 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p, mp4, flv, 3gp, webm, DIRECT MP3. No other app lets you download videos in Full HD and 480p, but with this app you can seamlessly download them

In Built Search

In built search engine for searching any video on the internet. It does not wants you to copy paste links. You just enter a keyword and it floods you with thousands of results

Direct Mp3 Audio Download

Yes!! You can download any video in Mp3 format with this app. Unlike other video downloaders who first download full videos and then encode them to mp3, this app directly downloads the audio stream of any video. Isn't that great :) No need to have a separate mp3 downloader, this is all in one app

Download Resumablility

You can anytime pause a download and resume it at later time. Interrupted downloads can also be resumed. This saves you a lot of precious time and Data

In Built Streaming

You can stream any video prior to downloading it. This is really helpful if you wish to use the app for streaming videos. You can also double check before downloading any video by seeing its preview. Again a really handy feature

Minimal and Gorgeous app Design

The app has a dozen of features, yet it is really minimal in terms of complexity and design. The app has a single screen for searching videos across the internet, and a single screen for all the progressive tasks. Video download, mp3 download, mp3 encoding, Video muxing, all appear together in a single screen. Users never get confused

Our vision is to create the most Autonomous, Powerful and Gorgeous Video Download Utility

We believe that user should not be worried about what is happening under the hood. So we have tried to keep all the operations like multiple video/audio download, audio encoding, video muxing etc fully automatic. All this power and ease of use is supported by the world class and futuristic User Interface. The app is a delight to eyes

Video Tutorial on How to use the app

In this video we discribe how to use the application

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