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No seriously, just wow. The new Videoder 12.0 is just mind blowing. You guys are seriously doing a great job in building the app. It has become the best download app ever.

Amey Mane

Your creation is one of the best. It saves lot of data usage and i can see all videos even when i am not accessible to internet. In you latest update you have given 3 options for MP3, and i am loving it.

Suhas Arora

Millions of thanks for this app. You have done a wonderful job. Very nice app. Today only i come to know about our app and used for 2 hours its really awesome.

Johny Earnest

This app is too too awesome. I have been using it since 2013 and it's really getting better with every update....

Aasim Shah

I really like your app and using it for last couple of months and I really love the updated version where you can download from any website. You guys are awesome. You guys rock.

Harpreet Singh

I know you guys are working a lot to make videoder perfect & it is one of the best video downloader ever. Quality, Design, Performance everything is good.. Thanks to you guys to make this great app..keep it up..Thanks a lot guys..

Abdur Rahman

Your app is just awesome.. Thanks for your hardwork <3. The main feature I liked in the app is its downloader.

Arun Gopinath

There's more than one thing I've liked about videoder..
1. It has different resolutions for downloading.
2. Its speed is fast enough
3. We can browse videos through the app.
4. Can download music as well from video websites like YouTube.
Thanks for such a great app.

Macklon Fernandes

Excellent job Videoder! Your work is more professional than what huge companies are delivering.

Layal KJbour

The Videoder is excellent, unsurpassed! Always point out to friends who want to download music or videos from YouTube. Congratulations!

William Lima

There is nothing to complain about this app.. I proudly say i'm satisfied with this app.. Keep the good work

Muhd Khairi

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